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>> Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Women who suffer from recurrent vaginal thrush infections are often given advice on lifestyle changes to help reduce the impact of their condition. Some like not wearing tight clothing, or using fabric conditioners or perfumed cleansers and bubble baths are well recognised. Others, however are more bizarre. Boil washing knickers and steam ironing the gusset before wearing them again seems to be a fairly extreme way of treating underclothing but it does have a point.

Candida albicans, the yeast that causes Thrush, is extremely resilient and can survive on cotton and synthetic fabrics even after normal machine washing. This means that there is a distinct possibility that patients can re-infect themselves simply by wearing the “clean” briefs that they wore last time they had an attack.

So what is the answer? 

Disposable briefs are not really practical and even antimicrobial sprays and other topical treatments don’t usually overcome the problem. And there are a growing number of cases of women developing a tolerance (or the yeast developing resistance) to the commonly used antifungal medications prescribed by the doctor.

However, modern high-tech biofunctional fabrics could provide an effective solution. DermaSilk Intimo briefs have a powerful antimicrobial bonded to pure fibroin silk fibres. A recent clinical trial published in Mycoses Journal confirmed that these briefs not only reduce the itching and burning associated with recurrent Thrush but have also been shown to actually reduce the number of outbreaks of Thrush experienced by the wearers.

“This is a real step forward in Thrush management”, said Jo Fletcher, Operations Director for Espère Healthcare Ltd. “We’re getting a lot of very positive feedback from women of all ages who are having to cope alone with this debilitating condition. We believe that the reduction in recurrences is due to the bonded antimicrobial which eliminate Candida from the fabric and reduces the risk of the briefs re-infecting the patient next time they wear them. As the antimicrobial is permanently bonded to the fabric won’t wash or wear off, nor will it affect inflamed skin. The fibroin from which DermaSilk Intimo briefs are made is a soft, comfortable fabric and offers sufferers of recurrent Thrush an effective alternative to the often inconvenient and messy symptomatic treatments.“

And it means no more boiling knickers and steam ironing the gussets!


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