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>> Friday, 16 December 2011

It’s that time of year when the UK’s menfolk are racking their brains for something that’s very special to give to their wife, partner, fiancé or girlfriend on Christmas morning. What could they possibly buy that will put a great big beaming smile on their lady’s face?

Well, if you want something extra special you can’t beat silk, and every year the sales of silk underwear increase in the weeks running up to Christmas. That’s not surprising, because in my many years of being dragged around town “Christmas Shopping” I’ve seen with my own eyes, middle aged men skulking around the lingerie department at M&S trying to pluck up the courage to select an item from a shelf and run to the checkout to have it secreted in a bag before they meet anyone they know.

And these daring chaps are rewarded on Christmas morning when they are greeted with gleeful declarations like “My darling, how wonderful! Just what I’ve always wanted!” Despite such declarations, I really wonder how many of these thoughtful gifts get worn just once (if ever at all)? No doubt the same thing will happen this year.

Silk has always had an aura of luxury but whilst some treat silky underwear as slightly risqué, there is a serious side to this amazing fabric.

While silk has been used for centuries for making clothing, silk underwear does have its limitations from a medical point of view. Finely woven silk may appear to shimmer but its close weave can prevent the free movement of air and moisture through the fabric, leading to overheating and irritation. Think of the actions of a silk parachute. If it didn’t prevent the air from passing through it then the parachutist’s trip to earth would be extremely fast and deadly.

However specially modified, medical grade silk has been shown to have active medical benefits, for example in surgical stitches. DermaSilk recognised this and developed a range of biofunctional garments woven from medical grade silk, which have been shown in clinical trials to dramatically improve a number of medical conditions in which itching or skin friction is an issue. This includes treating common problems such as atopic eczema, contact dermatitis and vaginal thrush to more unusual conditions like lichen sclerosus and epidermolysis bullosa. Not only does its smoothness prevent skin irritation, the special silk can absorb up to 20% of its own weight in water without feeling damp. This keeps the skin at the right humidity and temperature which also helps to prevent itching. DermaSilk also bonded a proven antimicrobial agent to the silk which actually kills bacteria and yeast cells on contact. This prevents garments from causing secondary infections if the skin is damaged, and helps prevent re-infection in transmittable conditions such as thrush.

Silk is such a fascinating and potentially useful material, and further medical research is ongoing looking at using silk for its healing properties in tissue grafts and wound dressings.

So , before you trip off to the high street to buy some silky lingerie, think about buying her underwear that has a positive medical benefit rather than just something that might just look good. Visit for more information.


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