Is your child being bullied at school because they have eczema?

>> Monday, 28 May 2012

We all know that children can be incredibly cruel to those who they think are ‘different’ to them.  This can apply to a whole range of issues, but physical appearance is often high on the list, especially when it is very obvious, like skin conditions.  When a child suffers from chronic eczema it isn’t something that is easily hidden; the redness, the constant itching are beacons for comments, jibes and even physical abuse from their ‘mates’, so the condition not only affects their skin, but their confidence and self esteem as well.

This was brought out in a survey just published by the British Skin Foundation, which found that “A shocking 47% per cent of people with a skin disease in the UK have been victims of verbal abuse one or more times from another member of the public.”

The survey continues: “Many skin diseases….. can be very noticeable and visually striking, and likely to provoke a response from an untrained eye. Worryingly, a fifth of respondents described that they had been victim to regular bullying because of their condition, whilst one in every eight people who took part said they had suffered some form of physical abuse from another member of the public at least once.”

With 1 in 5 children estimated to suffer from eczema, it’s no wonder that they will get openly stared at, picked on or even bullied at school because other children will see their inflamed skin and constant scratching.  They taunt and tease them or shun them altogether fearing that they might ‘catch’ the eczema themselves even though it’s not contagious.

For many eczema sufferers the worst part of the condition is the constant unbearable itching and scratching.  They scratch until their skin bleeds and cracks and then they keep on scratching. This can lead to infections and they can eventually be left with scarring.  The itching is particularly bad at night and sufferers often wake up to find blood over their bedding from scratching in their sleep.
Children who suffer with eczema can also have chronic insomnia because of the need to scratch their itching skin throughout the night.  This is not only debilitating for the child, but can severely affect their school work and make them too tired to enjoy any social activities.

Fortunately there is a new approach to controlling the intense itching and redness associated with eczema – DermaSilk Therapeutic Clothing which can be worn unobtrusively under their school uniform.  DermaSilk Therapeutic Clothing is made of a special, knitted medical grade silk which is hypoallergenic and less irritating than cotton or man-made materials. It is also permanently bonded with a patented antimicrobial agent that is effective against most yeasts and bacteria including MRSA and remains fully active despite repeated washing.

DermaSilk undergarments control the affected areas on the body, arms and legs so effectively, it reduces the number of applications of creams and emollients per day. The specialist fabric allows the skin to breathe and controls temperature and humidity. This calms the skin, reducing redness and dramatically reduces the itch/scratch cycle, so the child doesn’t cause the skin to be broken and become infected.  Even if the sufferer has eczema on the face or hands, it has been demonstrated that wearing DermaSilk garments produces a systemic effect on the whole body.

DermaSilk Therapeutic Clothing is approved as a Class 1 medical device for prescription on the NHS and is used by Dermatology Consultants world-wide in the treatment of eczema.

Simply wearing DermaSilk Therapeutic Clothing under their school uniform means children who suffer from eczema won’t now stand out as being different. No more jibes, no more being picked on, no more abuse.

It can literally change their lives overnight!

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